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Introducing the first

Collaborative Player VS Blockchain

game in Web3.


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Chances to join the MetaDungeon adventure are limited.


Welcome to the MetaDungeon,

Intrepid Adventurer.

Be the Hero that Web3 needs. Defeat the rampaging Bosses

MetaDungeon Bosses

Legend has it that the Web3 world’s rampant greed, and speculation have birthed a sentient creature known as Etheron, the Degen Slayer. The birth of this vile beast triggered an unholy genesis event spawning a vile brood of on-chain beasts.

Only you have the ability to end this calamity.

MetaDungeon Heroes

Fighting Etheron and his fellow Bosses is a perilous task, but not impossible.

Those who own a MetaDungeon Hero NFT will be able to enter the MetaDungeon and battle the Bosses, and by joining forces with fellow Heroes of the MetaDungeon you can increase their chances to coming out on top!

Slay Etheron?

Be the hero

The only way to win the game is to be in the game. All players must obtain a hero.

Join the Genesis caret

Meet your match

Etheron and his brood are not easy to find. Heroes must either be lucky enough to encounter them one-on-one in their own crypto wallets or must invoke a team summon to draw their enemy into battle.

Vanquish the boss

Once the enemy is before you, the battle is over almost as soon as it begins. You can use powerups to increase your chances of success.

About the Game

What is MetaDungeon?

MetaDungeon is the first-of-its-kind collaborative player vs. blockchain game. The Bosses of MetaDungeon are the first on-chain NPCs (aka aNFTs) to initiate interactions with players and VICE VERSA.

In other words, MetaDungeon is a first of its kind collaborative player vs. blockchain game that lets players:

bulletTeam up with fellow degens to wage war against on-chain NPCs

bulletUnlock new levels by defeating bosses and collecting rare drops

bulletIncrease your chances of victory using Powerups